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Once upon a time in Corvette Land, there lived a widowed woman named Trigger and a divorced man named Red.  
               And what happened was…….


              Trigger joined a local Corvette Club in Houston, TX.  Upon attending Trigger’s first meet and greet club function, she walked through
              the door and caught sight of a particular man and said to herself, “OH NO…I didn’t come here to date anyone!  However, that is
              exactly what happened.  Trigger and Red went on their first date that very night, and that was all she wrote!  Five years later, this
              former high school teacher and the truck driver are a Corvette success story, both leaping out on faith to not only love each other
              but to also create two successful, up and coming businesses.  BGV Transport, LLC.; a high end vehicle transport company giving
              the white glove treatment to car enthusiasts across Texas and several other states.  The other company, best known around
              the Corvette community as BAD GIRL VETTES, LLC; the first ever Corvette Brand Name, draping both women and men in cool,
              casual, stylish and affordable Corvette attire.  They are also one third of the well-known “Cooksey Crew”.

              If you have ever met Trigger and Red, you would realize they are a truly fun and lovable couple who take pride in everything they
              do, from their transport company to their clothing line.  They both own Corvette show cars; the well-known black C-6 with the
              western “Cowboy up” theme and the rarely seen silver C5 coupe. 


              The essence of this Corvette love story is that Trigger and Red are kind, jovial, and truly passionate about the International Council         
              of Corvette Clubs and the entire Corvette community. 

.….and they are living happily ever after.  The End!



















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